SOMERSET (North Petherton 1901 Census), DEVON (Ellacombe 1891) & CENSUS STRAYS (from DERBYSHIRE): This is a combined database of smaller record sets for now (soon to be split out and apologies to the submitters that it remains combined!), for:
1) Folk from a no’ of census years who were found in places other than their Derbyshire origination on census night (kindly contributed by Jane McHugh of Ontario, Canada)
2) The North Petherton (Somerset) Census 1901 TNA (PRO) RG13/2281 and
3) Devon (Ellacombe) 1891 Census TNA (PRO) RG12/1702/001-1703/001 Tormohan district (both by kind contribution from Lorna Baines, [email protected], who will try & answer enquiries on her records if you need assistance).
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