Ryde Parish magazine, no 447 March 1913


Transcription of names from:


Ÿ Front Cover:


(Publication) To be had of (from)

Miss STANLEY, Mr. F. S. WATT, Union St

Mr. F. P. MELLISH, Miss WRIGHT High St

Mr. DAVIS, Cross St

or of the Publishers C.R. MOODY & Co, John St


Ÿ Inside Front Cover:


Advertisement: PURNELL and PURNELL. Expert Upholsterers and Artistic Furnishers. Auctioneers, Funeral Furnishers, Cremators, 7&8 High Street


Ÿ Front Page of Magazine:


Rev. H. LE FLEMING, M.A. The Vicarage

Rev. C. P. CALVERT, M.A. Montpellier, Melville St

Rev. C. L. BLAKE, M.A. 69 West St

Rev. C. B. ATYEO, M.A. 15 West St


Hon Licensed Lay Readers

Mr. C. J. LAUNAY, The Hermitage. West St

Mr. M. L. HARMAN, A. C. P. Green St



Mr. Walter AIRS                   Mr. C. W. VINCENT            Mr. BERRY

Mr. W. WATTS                     Mr. Arthur WOODS             Mr. F. BAXTER

Mr. F. WRIGHT                    Mr. Miah WILLIS                  Mr. C. J. DE LAUNAY


Mr. Ellis PALMER               Mr. W. DORE                                   Mr. J. STOREY

Major J. ELLERY                Mr. A DRAKE                                  Mr. J. T. KNIGHT     


Organist and Choirmaster:

Mr. R. YATES, Mander, Mus. Doc. F.R.C.O. Claverdon, Argyll St


Clerk and Verger:

Mr. J. NORRIS, Rodney Cottage, West Street


Foreman of Bell Ringers:

Mr. O. COOMBES, Lind Place


St Thomas Church

Curate in Charge: Rev. C. P. CALVERT

Organist: Mr. W. TEAGUE

Clerk and Verger: Mr. LANGDON, 4 Victoria Terrace


Ÿ Page 4


Names of those lately confirmed:

William WOOD                                            Henry GRINHAM    

Frank William RANDALL                          Keith Ingleby MACKENZIE

Thomas Henry Hamilton PERROTT       George Jenerd TURKETINE

Mostyn Maclead CAREY                           Gerald Ivor SCHUYMER   

Eric John PARNALL                                  Charles Hamley TURTLE 

Charles PENMORE                                               Frederick Charles WHITTINGTON

Hugh Ronald Valentine CLARKE                       Roy Lionel PURNELL        

Cecil Harry GIBBS                                      Harold Francois Jean PRIBYL

Albert Charles William WARE                  Albert Charles EAMES      

Joseph Claude EAMES                            Frank Leslie ABBOTT

Phillip LOWE                                                           John DYER 

Gordon Hazell JOHNCOX                        Richard James NINNIS     

George Edgar PROOST                            Charles ALLEN       

Edward James BARTLETT                       Harold WHITTINGTON       

Jesse James BARNES                              Charles Miles COOMBES 

Harold Edward COOMBES                       Harold Victor SHERGOLD

Walter BROOK                                            Percy WHALE                     

Bertie William GROVES                            Wilfred BUCKETT               



Elsie Kate GALLOP                                    Kate RUSSELL

Violet Lucy HIBBERD                                Mildred Rose COLVERSON

Muriel Lillian COLVERSON                     Kathleen Mary GATMELL 

Evelyn Eleanor AYLWARD                                  Leonora Millicent VANASHE

Nellie Mildred BRADING                           Ada BAKER

Ellen Matilda CORDELL                           Beatrice WOODNUTT

Emily May DIBBENS                                 Sophia CHAPMAN

Beatrice Evelyn BUTLER                          Ethel Harriet TURNER

Edna Alice WHITTINGTON                       Nina Annie BALLARD

May Gwendoline Marguerite JESSE

Lucy Eunice WILLIAMS                            Nora Kathleen RANDALL

Mary Christine MATTHEWS                     Elsie Francis Rosina VANNER

Vera Gwendoline YOUNG                        Stella Daisy ROGERS

Nina Emily YATES                                     Emily HARBER

Catherine Mary Ada QUELCH                 Ellen Kate OSBORNE

Marion Rosa JOHNCOX                           May PLUMBLEY

Rosalie Emily SALTER                             Emily Florence ABBOTT

Nellie LININGTON                                      Jane HARLEY

Mary BRADING                                           Charlotte Frances LANE

Emily Elizabeth SCOTT                             Elsie Maud YOUNG           

Emma Louise PRAGNELL                                   Sybil Kate WOODS


Page 5

“ At a meeting of the School Managers held on February 10th, an important step was taken, when Miss HOLLIS was unanimously elected to fill the place of Miss CLARKE, as Head of the Girls Department. Miss HOLLIS comes to us with the highest recommendations from the St John’s Road (mixed) School, and we are happy to entrust our girls to her.”





The Misses NUTT hope to have a Sale of Work in the garden of Haylands Manor during the summer…


C. E M. S. In place of our usual Monthly Discussion a General Meeting of the Federation was held at the Welby Institute for a final debate of the “Island Federation” question. …. The Preacher was the Rev. R. M. CURWEN, M.A., Rector of Shanklin…. The service was concluded by the admission of five new members to our branch: Messrs H. B. HILL, E. J. LUCK, C. A. E. TRENT, H. WHITTINGTON and F. S. WHITTINGTON.


Page 6


The following dates in March are brought to the notice of members

Monday 10th – Discussion Subject “The making of Manhood”


  • a)    an ideal and a purpose – The Chairman
  • b)    Courage - Mr. R. WELCH
  • c)     Patriotism and the Civic Call – Mr. E. NEWMAN
  • d)    Right Thinking – Rev C. B. ATYEO
  • e)    Courtesy – Rev. C. L. BLAKE
  • f)      Friendship – Mr. M. C. RIDDETT
    • ·        The following letter will be of interest to readers of the Parish Magazine

Address: S. Mary’s Vicarage, South Hill, Vancouver, Canada.

Date: February 1st 1913




How strange it seems after these many years to be writing to you and to see on the cheque forwarded so kindly towards our Church Site Fund, the well known name of J. B. PURNELL, as well as your own. I have passed through some lonely tramps and once was well nigh lost, which would have meant the same fate as befell a young Englishman quite near the same place, the loss of both frozen feet, but excepting an occasional ear-bite or nose-nip, I have been mercifully spared. Here the climate is very English thought the cold may be a little more severe, but not very much. We are mostly Britishers, struggling to buy out lots and erect first a shack then a more commodious house, all of wood; though the city has magnificent stone and brick block, and so have many of the suburbs. I sometimes hear of the Isle of Wight; if you could tell me of any news of my former fellow-workers, and of any lads or others who were interested in me, and I in them, I should enjoy reading about them. 6000 miles distant is a very good stretch. Kindest remembrances to yourself and others,


Yours sincerely,






Thanks (for donations for the Assistant Clergy fund, and for the Organ Repair fund):




Feb 3rd - Edward George William, son of Percy George and Alice Rose Mary


Feb 9th - Muriel Irene, daughter of Albert Edward and Lillian Frances Mary


Feb 9th - Frederick Charles, son of Charles Henry and Maud Maria BARTLETT

Feb 23rd - Wilfred Arthur, son of Arthur John and Ethel Dorothy MERWOOD

Feb 24th - Sybil Kate, daughter of Robert William and Elizabeth Kate STAINER

Feb 24th - Stella Daisy, daughter of John Henry and Charlotte Mary ROGERS

Feb 24th - Mary Christine, daughter of Edgar Edsall and Caroline MATTHEWS

Feb 24th - Ellen Kate, daughter of James Charles and Sarah HAYWARD

Feb 24th - Catherine Mary Ada, daughter of James Charles and Sarah HAYWARD

Feb 24th Emma Louisa, daughter of Thomas Henry and Emily PRAGNELL

Feb 24th Richard James, son of Richard and Emma Jane NINNIS

Feb 24th Harold Francois Jean, son of John and Annie PRIBYL

Feb 24th Cecil Henry, son of William and Caroline RHODES



Feb 10th, Emily DASH, aged 83 years


Pages of Advertisements – (This is not the full transcription, only the name and address. If desired, a scan of the advert can be provided)


BARTON S.W., Coal Coke and Wood Merchant, 15 Preston Place, Swanmore Rd

BETI, F. 26 Union St, Specialist in Chocolats (sic) confectionery

BISHOP S. J. Ltd, importers of Wines, 15 Union St.

BRADINGS Coals, Mount St, Private address Livonia, Argyll St

CASS A. T., Pork Butcher, 122 High St

COLENUTTS, IW County Stores, opposite the Post Office

DAVIS A. T., late ADAMS, Bookseller, Stationer, and dealer in fancy goods. 7 Cross

  • Street
  • DIMMICK John, 175 High St, The Nurseries Ryde

DUFFETT J. G., Junr. Coal, Corn, Potato merchant, 6 High St

HAIR Sydney, High class Tobacconist, 58 High Street

HUNT W. H., Plumber, Painter, Paperhanger, Glazier, 3 Swanmore Rd

JOHNCOX J., Jun, Fish, Poultry and Game. 157 High St.

JOLLIFFE Bros, Coal, 44 Union St and Station Yard

JOLLIFFE’S H. G., The Tea Shop

LANDER C. J., The Dalvery Tea Stores. Family grocer and Provision merchant,

  • West St
  • LONG Henry, General painter Decorator, 54 Arthur St

MOODY C. R., Printers and Publishers

OLIVER Geo, Boots and Shoes, 37 High St, 146 High St

RICKARD, Watchmaker, Jeweller, 9 High St

RUSSELL Rowland, Purveyor of High Class English Meat, (Humane Cattle Killer

  • Used), 159 High St
  • SILVESTER W., Boot and Shoe Maker, 55 West St

TURNERS, High St, Best Quality Paint, Oil Varnish Stain

TURTLE H. E., Dyer and Dry Cleaner, Garfield Rd. Works - East Street. Strand

VANNER E. and Son, Job masters and Funeral Car Proprietors, Newport Street

  • Mews
  • WHEELER Bros, Builders, Contractors, Plumbers, Painters and Paperhangers,
  • Abbeyville, Monkton St
  • WHITTINGTON F. G., 110 High Street. Tailor and Outfitter, Hatter and Hosier

WOOD J. R., Coal and Coke Factors, 11 Union St. Stores Railway Station, St

  • John’s Road. Local depots at Cowes, Newport, Ryde, Wroxall, Ventnor
  • WOODS Lester C., Furnishing Ironmonger and builders’ merchant, 60 & 61 High St





Transcription completed 5 February 2005, by Sally-Ann Garrett,