Chalford, Gloucestershire: This is the start of a page dedicated to ancestry and history in Chalford, Gloucestershire. As contributions grow the page will develop into a main subject area on the site.

Gill Rhodes (formerly ANTILL) is visiting Chalford in June 2006 and urgently needs some assistance in tracing the location on Chalford Hill of her ancestors’ home. Her line descends through Ezra Antill to Nathaniel Antill (who shows in nthe 1841 census for Chalford Hill). Gill thinks there may be a link with Jiohn and Mary Antill who are recorded by the census enumerator adjacent the to Nathaniel & his family. If anyone can help please contact us here at GenoGold (use the ‘Submit Data’ page from the HOME page ....and we can put you in touch with Gill.

Mrs Fran Young has sent in some Memories of an Evacuation to Chalford: “My mother, then Iris AVES, was evacuated to Chalford in 1942/3. She stayed with a family who also had Barnardo’s” children to stay. She has spoken with fondness of this family and her happy time with them, their name was HALLIDAY. She recalls 2 daughters, 1 getting married and 1 younger than my mum at the time (she was about 13/14). She recalls them getting water from an “allotment” behind the house, and a boy called Dennis GUBBINS. If anyone recognises themselves from these memories, my mother still fondly recalls them” (Fran’ can be emailed )

Tony Prichard has sent information in, hoping to get some help tracing his Chalford ancestors. Tony can be emailed   if you think you can help:
“I am researching my great grandfather Alfred William BAILEY. I know from the 1891 census he was at 63 High Street, Bisley (aged 22) with his wife Caroline CLIFFORD (also 22) and his brother Frederick (aged 15). His birthplace is shown as Upton Bishop in Herefordshire.
In 1901 they appear in Slad Rd, Stroud. I grew up to know my great grandmother who I believed to be Caroline & who still lived in Slad Rd until her death in 1955.
Alfred William (known as “George”) drove a horse omnibus from Chalford. There’s a story that at election time the folk of Chalford & Brimscombe supported different parties and woe betide any Chalford man found in Brimscombe! “George” appears to have been something of a character and was able to get away with driving the omnibus through Brimscombe without having it overturned.
My puzzle is that my grandfather, Frederick William BAILEY has on his birth certificate a Kathleen Annie SMITH as his mother, if anyone can add any more information to this I’d be most grateful...” Tony Prichard.